Posted by: morgellon2010 | January 28, 2010

Morgellon Cures?

Leg sores caused by Morgellons

Leg sores from Morgellons

There are many and there are none. Morgellons is a very sneaky condition that acts differently in everyone. There is relief, but many are just simple and temporary.
We are looking disparately for something that will work for everyone anywhere. but we need everyone to share not only success, but failures.

What fails for one, may work for another. We need to track diet and environment, right down to new underwear. We need to database EVERYthing.

There has to be a commonality, and that means looking at a lot of accurate data.



  1. This is the worst stuff that I ever had in my life.I know a lot of people suffering from morgellons also I am to.I can not believe this.It is not fair.I am losing my mother to this chemical induced lung cancer.I am not happy at all in fact I am fed up.

  2. Denise: Have your mother tested for fungus overgrowth. Sounds incredible but a Johns Hopkins Dr. has written a book about this and allopathic medicines inability to distinguish between cancer cells and clusters of fungus in the body.

    I am a fellow Morgellon’s sufferer and am about to post an e-book that I think will unravel many aspects of the disease. Have I discovered the “magic pill”? No, absolutely not, but the book will be a comprehensive guide through the disease with things that have been truly helpful. First of all and most importantly, GET A LYME TEST. The odds are that is what utterly tanked the immune/white cells and allowed the vermin from inside your body to proceed with their attack on the external. Lyme will waste your body, esp. the bones, and my Morgellons started to turn around after 9 months when the Lyme therapy began. Second, find a source for Sound Vibration Therapy/Rife Therapy and USE IT. I suggest purchasing one of two machines for in-home as you must hammer these things daily AND I know of one cancer Stage 4 patient that bought one and is still ticking along 8 years later. Research all machines as about every physicist makes a version of this machine. This is the top of my “Top Ten” list of things. Have been killing off the parasites for 10 months with it and the remainder have become virtually microscopic. Started the Lyme protocols much earlier on and these are effective there. This is one of a list of things that must be done also, but it truly does work. Can refer you to my own machines of choice, if you wish. I know it sounds “out there”, but this disease is definitely “out there” and no help from allopathic medicine so I hhave been pushed “out there” and have found some truly viable things.

  3. Yes, N Levy to the frequency medicine. The AIM Program is just that only it is the simplest way to receive frequencies to heal. AIM raises Life Force. That is a critical aspect to all healing. Life force on the planet are quite low and chemtrails are a factor that add to this. Morgellons has been found in chemtrails. AIM adds frequencies that address all chemtrail activity each day. Check my website and call me. AIM is a profound, evolution in healing~ Bless you from my heart~

  4. I have been dealing with this for years, spent thousands of dollars and countless hours. After trying hundreds of remendies, I would like to help others get though this madness. I have run across what I feel is the most effective cure for most (if not all). First off is baking soda (1-2 cups) bath soaks, unbeatable for removing surface “film”, etc. Secondly, tamanu oil is the best exfoliator you can buy (but it is pricey). Tamanu oil can be mixed in a organic c cream and works very well even at smaller concentrations. In the begining, you will find that so much “debris” and “grit” will suface that you will need to shower after applying. The first week I wore the oil in cream covering every inch (ears and nose) and at least one soda bath a day (reapplying oil after). Now the most important, pill cutter, magnesium malate 200 mg, sublingual B6 12 mg, + selenium 12 mcg = 6 doses a day @ 2 hours apart ( magnesium treatment). Vitamins, immune boosters, a good diet, always good. You may be able to rid yourself without the baths and the oil but, please pass on your cure. It is nearly impossible to sift through this mess.

  5. Morgellons ist ein Radiosignal dies auf 2.6 Ghz gesendet wird. Morgellons aktiv , wir Züchten Würmer. Dies ist eine Radiosequenz die auf den gängigen UHF und Mobilefunk ausgestrahlt wird. Erschreckend ist das dieses Radiosignal die Unterhauterkrankung Morrgellons ausbrechen lassen kann. Die Psychophaten des Millitär träumen schon lange dovon Elektromagnetisch Krankheitserreger wie Borrelien zum Erwecken zu bringen. Dazu wurde von Schweizer Pharmaunternehmen Frequenzlisten erstellt die jeweils die gängigen Erreger unter Elektromagnetischen Einfluss zum erwecken birngt. Die Erweckung von Borrelien wird bei 4 Hz durchgeführt. Die Morgellons Aktiv Radiosignale sind auf dem AM und Langwellenband gut zu höhren. Das FLORAKO RADAR SYSTEM WIRD DAZU VERWENDET. Das Signal wird auf dem 2.7 Ghz Band in einer Pulsweitenmodulation ausgestrahlt. Es gibt versuche Menschen auf die Art zu töten oder Lahmzulegen. Morgellons Krankheit ist ein der Elektromagnetisch zugeordneten Krankheiten, die Künstlich gezüchtet werden. Dies ist ein Krieg gegen die Allgemeinheit und die Gemeinheit das dieses Morgellons Aktiv Signal über die Rundfunk und Handyenze ausgesendet wird erzeugt bei den Betroffenen enrome schäden. Die Morgellons Aktiv Signale sind sehr gut mit Langwellenempfänger zu höhren und werden langsam mit 3 oder 4 Hz ausgestrahlt. Das Projekt dienst dazu Menschen lahmzulegen. Die Frequenzen im Ghz berreich wurden mit Menschenexperimente im Jahr 2010 in der Schweiz erfolgreich durchgeführt wobei die Betroffenen in Betonwerken „entsorgt“ wurden. Das Pattern im 3Ghz Raudiobereich hat einen Einfluss aud die RNS und erzeugt DNA schäden, im zusammenhang mit Barium das fleissig Ausgesprüht wird kann eine effizientere Bepatterung der Unterhaut durchgeführt werden. Die teils Grausamen Menschenexperimente in der Schweiz dienen für den Umsatz der Grosspharmakonserne . Die Morgellons aktiv Sequenzen sind entlang von Natelnetzen um Ghz bereich aufnehmbar. Dies Verstösst gegen Völkerrech und gegen Menschenrecht, die Strahlenschutz wird hier noch die nächsten 7 Jahre zuschauen bis die Grausamkeit ausgekotzt wurde.

  6. Where is the form to evaluate if I have morgellon?

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