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Leg sores caused by Morgellons

Leg sores form Morgellons


These outbreaks are violent and uncomfortable on so many levels, including, the emotional level. We all need to share and care, so others can find relief that lasts.


  1. NutraSilver, the producer of a well known treatment for Morgellons, has launched a resource section of their website to accommodate Morgellons sufferers in their search for answers to their devastating health condition.

    After NutraSilver’s experience of over 6 years, which includes listening to, treating and providing answers to Morgellons sufferers from 48 different countries all over the world, it was clear that there needed to be one definitiive set of resources that Morgellons community can refer to and benefit from.

    The resources available include an in-depth overview of Morgellons, a list of symptoms that includes a 2-minute self-diagnosis to determine if symptoms are indeed those of Morgellons, and a definitive guide to effective Morgellons treatment including step by step protocol.

    In addition there is a section for recent news and articles about Morgellons, along with Morgellons success stories of those who have overcome the disease, helpful videos and a photo gallery.

    This addition to is monumental because this set of resources addresses pressing needs for the Morgellons community and this is the first of its kind.

    Morgellons sufferers will be glad to know that there is not only an effective treatment for Morgellons, but the resources to help them overcome this disease and get their lives back.

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