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Morgellons patients become victims

Morgellons Patients: do not become a victim

There is a lot of pain associated with this disease, adding a rippoff to the list will not help.



  1. Morgellons Disease Reversal

    April 21, 2012 Leave a comment (Edit)
    How long have you had Morgellons symptoms?

    The answer really does not matter. What matters is reversing them. We have found a way to eliminate your Morgellons symptoms in about 4 weeks using a natural mineral. What might you expect?
    This is what you should expect;

    week one;

    Your energy begins to return
    Your brain-fog begins to evaporate
    You can see better
    You can think clearer
    You see “debris’ leaving your body

    week two;

    If you have lesions, they begin to harden around the edges
    The biting and scratching begins to subside
    Your movement in your scalp starts to go away
    You notice less fibers
    The black specs disappear

    week three;

    Your lesions harden even further, some begin to fall off entirely
    The biting and scratching is almost gone
    Say good-bye to your depression
    Your mood improves

    week four;

    Your lesions have mostly fallen off and do not return
    Your clarity of thought astounds you
    Nearly all of your Morgellons symptoms are gone
    You life is your own again
    You feel like ‘you’ again

    Is this a pipe-dream, or is it real?

    We have been helping Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years and those who stayed with the program and followed the instructions are mostly symptom-free now. Once you obtain this level of relief, you seriously reduce how much NutraSilver you take to a minimum of about 15 drops, twice per day.

    That’s it! You are done! Now it is time to return to your normal life without being accused by the medical profession of being delusional, without the feeling of hopelessness and without the debilitating brain-fog that stole your life.
    Congratulations! Your Morgellons nightmare is over!

    NutraSilver, in FDA-certified independent lab test has shown to kill every pathogens we have tested both quickly and safely. WE are so sure that NutraSilver will reverse your Morgellons symptoms, we guarantee it for 60 days from the date we shipped it to you. No questions asked. Why doesn’t your Doctor of Pharmacist offer such a guarantee? You know the answer and so do we. End your Morgellons suffering now. There is no need to suffer even one more day.

  2. The radar system Rapier and HAARP are operated synchronously as an audio signal generator. The radio signal is sent to 2 GHz. The Rapier radar radio signal is measured most easily with a commercial standard long wave radio receiver Mitellwellen. All Rapier aircraft tracking radar of Rapier are used as speech audio modulation for Mind Control. This brain wave signals are modeled as similar radio wave. With the Pattern, the identical information is sent worldwide each radar system synchronously. The weapon of war is a big emitter acts like Tesla’s Microphone as Inductive voice modulation and bands can without effort be measured with long wave and FM Mitellwellen. Part of these mind control signals are all the other radio stations are so loud superimposed. Words such as third world war and disease Morgellons disease is being sand as an audio signal.

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