Posted by: morgellon2010 | January 28, 2010

Morgellons Patients

Morgellon’s is a disease that is not recognized by the AMA for reasons that we will not editorialize on at the moment. It’s symptoms are:

  • sores that do not heal

  • constant and painful itching

  • sensation of things crawling under the skin

  • unusual growths that are fibrous

  • apparent bugs crawling out of skin openings

Yeah, it is that bad. Not sci-fi, but real problems that are begging for not only a cure, but a cause. There are many victims, and the database of cures, or relief of symptoms is growing. There is no known protocol at the moment that will work. Every situation seems to be different enough to elude a “one-cure-fits-all” solution. So we have to look at causes as well.

Many professionals are pointing to Genetically Modified food that is put out by so many mega corporations, and yet other “professionals” are siting mental delusions as the cause with absolutely nothing to back them up.
See all the videos in one place:
We are ultimately looking for a cure, but would be very pleased with a relief protocol that works for everyone.
What is this morgellon thing?

Morgellon artifact

No one knows what this is. Morgellons produces fibers that have been studied and so far have not been able to figure out what the are made of, or where they come from.



  1. Hi, these are all over my back yard in a bush. My dog always comes inside with these things on his face. I never knew if it was a bug or part of a plant. Always wondered. First time seeing a picture of this on the Internet.

  2. Morgellons is a radio signal is sent to the 2.6 Ghz. Morgellons active, we breeding worms. This is a radio sequence that is broadcast on the usual UHF radio and mobile. Shockingly this is the radio signal can erupt, the subcutaneous disease Morrgellons. The Military Psychophaten the dream a long time to get as Borrelia for Awakening give some of Electromagnetic pathogens. This was created by Swiss pharmaceutical company lists the frequency of each birngt to awaken the common pathogens of electromagnetic influence. The revival of Borrelia is performed at 4 Hz. The radio signals are active Morgellons create any extra good on the AM and longwave band. The FLORAKO RADAR SYSTEM TO BE USED. The signal is broadcast on the 2.7 GHz band in a pulse width modulation. There are people trying to kill or paralyze the way. Morgellons disease is one of the Electromagnetic associated diseases that are bred artificially. This is a war against the public and the meanness that this Morgellons active signal is transmitted over the radio and Handyenze produced in those affected enrome damage. The Morgellons active signals are very good to fortuitous with long-wave receiver and slowly radiated with 3 or 4 Hz. The project service to paralyze people. The frequencies in the GHz Berreich were successfully performed with human experiments in 2010 in Switzerland, where the person concerned in concrete works “disposed of” were. The pattern in the 3Ghz Raudiobereich has an influence aud the RNA and DNA damage produced, in connection with the barium is Fully spray diligently, a more efficient Bepatterung under the skin are performed. The sometimes cruel human experiments in Switzerland are used for the conversion of the Grosspharmakonserne. The Morgellons active sequences along Natel networks to Ghz range received. This calculation Swearing peoples and against human rights, the radiation protection will still watch the next 7 years until the cruelty was vomited.

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